Another psychic encounter…

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I was away on holiday recently laying on the beach sunbathing, as you do. I was very hot and I decided it was time for a swim.

Whilst  swimming and feeling completely relaxed and calm, I heard a gentleman voice talking to me. As I swam he was making me aware he was the father of one of the young men who worked at the hotel bar I was staying at. He made me aware that he had passed very quickly when the young man was in his youth. He gave me his initial and that said that another one of his sons was a fisherman.

I got out of the water and sat thinking about this man. Although the young man behind the bar knew me, he did not know what I did for a living. I was thinking about when would be the correct time to tell him and how I would approach him without him thinking me mad. Unbeknown to me, someone else had told him all about my job/gift and half an hour later would you believe he actually came over to me! The young man said ‘Emma, here are some sunglasses for you as a present. Would you please give me a reading?’  Well I tried to give him the sunglasses back as I wanted nothing but to help him by passing on the message from his father, but he insisted.

Obviously him coming to me to ask for a reason was something his father pushed him to do. At that point I sat him down and told him straight away his dad had been talking to me whilst I was swimming. I gave him his Dad’s initial as well as other information and indeed he confirmed his brother was a fisherman. After the reading the smile on this young gentleman’s face was from ear to ear and I could see the difference in him straight away from hearing from his Dad.

I want to thank his Dad for coming to me for his son that day.

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