Ask, Believe, Receive

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I am often asked how I continue to focus on the positive and move forward with tunnel vision. I have a very simple ethos, which I have lived by for years, and whilst at the beginning it was a little challenging over time it has become a way of life and the only way I approach situations of all natures. I am a very strong believer in the mantra of Ask, Believe, and Receive. I was once told I would never be able to do what I do. You cannot let your background define you – I have had family members that have said I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it – I have. The only thing ever stopping me was my mind and my narrow beliefs, which have now long gone. I believed in myself because if you can’t believe in yourself as a totally unique and individual person then how can you expect others to? I believe you need to have passion about what you do, what has been in your past is not your future – work towards your goals but be mindful and live in the moment – tomorrow is promised to no one.

I am intrigued by success stories from world famous names who have been knocked back countless times – from JK Rowling to Walt Disney, Steve Jobs to Tony Robbins,

I have visualization boards around my house to help me have a clear idea of what I want to achieve. My top tip would be to take the first ten minutes of everyday to write your goals down and visualize what you want and continue to do this. My work has worked the way I wanted it to go, too many people give up on the first hurdle – I have been knocked back so many times but it’s easy to say it but in practice it’s harder to do. I believe that anybody can do anything they want whether it takes one or ten years – things don’t happen overnight.

Believe you can and you are half way there, trust in the universe to deliver this and it won’t let you down.

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