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Having the gift that I have and through the one to one readings that I do it has made me fully aware of grief and how it affects people in so many different ways. Each reading I do is so different in so many ways. Grief is something I feel fully qualified in dealing with in my one to one readings. Even though I do not have qualifications in this area, I feel I am spiritually qualified as spirit have taught me how to deal with anyone that is going through this very difficult time in their life. When I am doing my readings I am given all the emotions that the person would be feeling at the time.


Due to this it can also be very emotionally hard for draining and me to do. When I connect a person from spirit to their loved one I can sometimes get extremely emotional myself. They give me the feeling of loss and grief that the person sitting in front of me is feeling. Many times I have cried whilst doing a reading, as the emotion is overwhelming, I try not to where possible as to not upset the person having the reading further but sometimes it takes over me. I am also glad in a way that they give me those emotions, as people are able to see the genuine emotions spirit give me. The tears I have are not always tears of sadness it’s tears of joy from spirit that they can connect with their loved one. The difference the gift that I have makes to the person by the end of the reading is quite extraordinary. In most cases when I see the person at the beginning of the session they look like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders and they are very solemn.


Once I connect properly with spirit and they know that their loved ones are connecting with me there is suddenly a change with their face. They are smiling and their aura changes completely, in some cases people actually look years younger after their reading. It is like a weight has been lifted from them. When I see this happen it makes me feel amazing inside and I thank spirit for in some cases it’s actually giving that person their life back knowing their loved ones are safe and well in spirit. They are no longer dwelling on the fact that they have lost someone, they are fully aware their loved ones never leave them. I feel truly honoured to have the gift I have. Although it can be very emotionally draining for me to do and so hard at times the difference I can make to people’s lives by passing these messages on from spirit are literally life changing. It is something I myself will do until I take my last breath. The gift I have can be extremely difficult sometimes for me to deal with. I remember once I did a reading for a lady that had lost her son. He had taken his own life, during the reading I could feel the desperation that he felt and knew that he felt he had no other choice but to leave this world. In this particular case he did stay around me for about two days after the reading. I felt extremely depressed and felt how he felt before he passed.


Even though I had connected him with his mother he was still very anxious.  After connecting very strongly with him and assuring him his mother was fine he eventually faded and the feelings of depression and anxiety left me so did the gentleman. This is a part of my gift that no one knows that I have to deal with. It’s challenging but I am able to cope with it or I would not of been given this amazing gift in the first place.



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